Do You Need Business Cards?

Should you create a business card for your business? In my opinion, yes, you need to have a business card done for your company for a few simple reasons: - to show off your branding - to display your name - to display your company name - to show your phone number - to show your address - to show ... Read More

X Theme Tutorial

I was given the opportunity recently to talk at a Meetup about how awesome the X theme is. If you would like to see the presentation, go to the account for Yusuf Chowdhury I would love to know if you use the X theme and what your experience has been.

Top 7 WordPress Plugins

I would like to share this list that I created with my ultimate top 7 WordPress plugins that I think are a must for your website. I will go into detail in future posts on each one. When it comes to installing plugins, always make sure that it has been updated at least within a month, that it is compatible ... Read More

It’s Been Awhile

Ok, ok, I know….I haven’t put anything on my blog in ages.  I do apologize for that.  But stay with me, I am going to try to put something up more often.   So, what have I been doing that has prevented me from sharing some awesome content? Well a lot.  Starting your own freelance design business and learning as much … Read More

What I Have Learned In WordPress

I started learning WordPress (WP)  in November 2014.  Because I was doing HTML/CSS from starch since 2002, I didn’t understand how the file structure worked.  Whenever I wanted to create a new website, all I did was create a folder on my hardrive and just code an index.html file.  After doing the page, I would just upload the entire folder … Read More

Hello There!!

First off, thank you for taking the time to come to my website and look around.  This is my first official blog, so I am hoping to learn as I go.  I am hoping that you will come on the journey with me. I have been looking around and I see that people write all sorts of blogs about: cooking, … Read More