Here is a small list of websites that have helped me as a designer throughout the years.  They provide excellent content for anyone just starting out as a designer or someone who has designed for years. Some of these websites:, iStockphoto, Kelby One have paid subscriptions but are great investments.  They periodically have free tutorials or free resources.

Every designer will have their own collections of tools they have used through the years.  This is only a small list of go-to websites.  There are so many other websites that have also provided much needed resources.  Unfortunately, I would need a few hundred pages to include them all.

Zambar is a unique website that allows you to convert files without having to download anything to your computer.  My main use is to convert the European version of zip called rar into zip files. has been my go-to video tutorial site for years.  Anything that I need to learn from Photoshop, to WordPress, to courses on how to run a graphic design company, they have in their vast vault of videos.  All of the instructors are very knowledgeable and do a great job at explaining the most complex concepts.

Trying to find the right color for your website or graphic can be challenging at times.  With Paletton you can input one of your main colors and it will help you find others that would work with your main color.  A must have tool for anyone doing graphic design.

Anyone who has been working with Photoshop will know the name Scott Kelby.  He used to be the National Association of Photoshop Professional (NAPP) President a few years back.  Now, NAPP has become Kelby One.  Another great resource for Adobe training videos.

There isn’t a person I know that would pass up anything for free.  Graphic Hive is an excellent place to get images and vectors for free.  They have gathered free resources throughout the web all in one place.  Need inspiration, then this place will surely have what you need.

Go to iStockphoto if you need a very specific high quality image. They offer packages for all budgets  and an easy to use tool that you can use if you are looking for pictures within a certain price range.

Great site to get free vectors for your graphic design work.

Amazing website that get updated daily with dozens of free graphic resources.

Great resources for free pictures.  Normally they are free to use for individuals and some are free for commercial use as well.

Unfortunately I do not have the programming skills necessary to create scripts from scratch.  However, with dynamic drive I don’t need to.  I have used this website for years.  You can gather JavaScript, DHTML code and other web resources.  Very easy to use and they provide samples of the functionality of the script.  A must have for web designers.

Great site to get free vectors for your graphic design work.

If you have a website you need a contact form.  If you are using WordPress this is not a problem since there are a lot of plugins to use.  However, if you are using HTML/CSS to create your website, you need a tool that will help you.  EmailMeForm is the perfect solution.  You only need to create an account (there are free options), and fill out some fields to get your very own working contact form.