Top 7 WordPress Plugins

I would like to share this list that I created with my ultimate top 7 WordPress plugins that I think are a must for your website. I will go into detail in future posts on each one.

When it comes to installing plugins, always make sure that it has been updated at least within a month, that it is compatible with your version of WordPress, have good reviews, and lots of downloads.

All of the plugins included here have those requirements, and best of all they are FREE; there are a few that have paid options if you want further customization, but they will work for free.

Top 7 WordPress Plugins

I would also like to point out not to get to carried-away with getting lots of plugins since they will slow down your site. First choose a theme that already has most of what you need and then install the plugins from this list. Also, I cannot be held responsible if one of the recommended plugins from my list causes problems with your site. You need to first backup your site before installing any plugins, and make sure that everything else is updated, including WordPress version and themes. Sometimes certain plugins cause conflicts with other conflicts. In my experience, these plugins have been good for me.

Obviously there are a lot more wonderful plugins out there. If you know some that you can’t live without, feel free to comment


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