What I Have Learned In WordPress

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I started learning WordPress (WP)  in November 2014.  Because I was doing HTML/CSS from starch since 2002, I didn’t understand how the file structure worked.  Whenever I wanted to create a new website, all I did was create a folder on my hardrive and just code an index.html file.  After doing the page, I would just upload the entire folder to my root directory at my host’s server.  In WordPress it doesn’t work that way.  I ended up having to create a sub-directory and I needed to install WP onto that.  Trying to install WP onto the root directory would have been problematic because it would have hid all the other websites that I had created and would have changed a very important file called .htaccess.

Having a good theme is imperative to having a good design and getting what you want done.  Generally, free themes will be limited on the options that they can provide so you end up installing a lot of plugins to get what you want done.  Having too many plugins will slow your site down so by having a theme that has what you want on it from the get go, will help with the speed.  So, how do you choose a theme?  Good question.  There was thousands and thousands, free and paid.  Whenever I figure out something I will let you know 🙂

At the time of writing, I have explored the Customizer, Be theme, and X theme.  Customizer is a really good theme to get started with.  Because it is free, it only has basic sections but for me this was a perfect way to start learning.  Having a theme with a lot of bells and whistles would have been overwhelming.

This website is done with the X theme.  Let me tell you, what they say is true “The Best WordPress Theme of 2015”.  The difference of this theme is its stacks.  The way I understand it is that they are themes upon themes.  So if you don’t like the Integrity stack you can switch to the Renew stack for other functionality.  Best of all, you get other plugins like Visual Composer (paid plugin) included along with other plugins that I have get to explore.


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