As a thank you for coming to my page, I have included some free graphics & pictures, along with patterns and wallpapers that you can use to your liking. No attribution or linking is necessary, but I would love to hear how you used these sources.  I like to see work from other because it provides me with some ideas and inspiration for my own designs.

If you hover over the image, you will see a title and the size of the actual image.

To download the source that you want: click the thumbnail, this will open in a new tab to the full image and then right click and “save image as”.

Throughout the years, I have enjoyed taking pictures of things that just struck me as beautiful in some way.  Some of the pictures here were taken during some of my travels to Europe.  Others are background that you can use for some of your projects. I also love experimenting with Photoshop and different types of filters that I have encountered.  For example, some of these backgrounds could be used as the background on printed material, websites, or even in a 3d rendering program,

Below you see some fruits of my labors. So please enjoy and consider sending me a comment either in my contact page or in my blog.  If you would like for me to add more, please leave me a comment.

Black Pattern
Rock wall
Metal plant
Japanese pattern
Pink flower
Christmas cat