Website Services

Other than a company name, logo and business card, another must have item is a website. Without one, neither you nor your clients will be able to find new clients. Just about everyone currently, goes online and researches a company before they will do business with them. If you do not have a pleasing, easy navigable, and updated website, your prospect can go somewhere else that will provide that confidence that they would need.

The best content management system out there now is WordPress. You can do so much with this and I can help you create a great and useful website whether you need it for your company, or for your client. I have created very detailed worksheets that you can either get your client to fill out or you can meet with them to gather the needed information.

I work exclusively with WordPress. Even thought I have created websites in HTML/CSS, I like the versatility of WordPress; this is what I recommend everyone to have. Not only do you get a look that is easily view-able on mobile devices, but you can add specific functionality that would require an additional programmer to accomplish. Besides helping with the planning and execution of the website, I can also install themes, plugins, and customize the WordPress dashboard.

Check out some of my websites below. Some were done prior to me doing WordPress, so you will see some older ones done in HTML/CSS.